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All across the land, thereis disquiet in the hushed halls of polite society. Among these soft rumblings are whispers of revolution, accompanied by muffled applause. It is the birth of a new political sensibility, fueled by rejection of rudeness and embrace of "noblesse oblige".

Socialites are the party of the politically polite, the tasteful, the mannerly, the well-groomed minions, who refuse to browbeat opponents with hyperbole and bluster, but seek, rather to persuade and lead with humanity and good humor.

Promoting a common good is simply good manners, and, just as a good host is obliged to ensure all the guests are being well served, Socialites believe, government (the servant of the people), would be remiss if party favors were given only to some citizens, while others are ignored or snubbed.

The Socialite Party is dedicated to keeping an open mind and a civil tongue within a level head. It's a difficult position to assume, harder to maintain, and sometimes even painful, but it is allways becoming.

A Modest Proposal for the 36th Street Development Project

Proposed: An international competition for the design of this project. World class design for a world class neighborhood! Criteria to be set by interested parties; adjacent neighborhoods, the Church, and the developer. Each party's requirements to be satisfied through design. The panel of judges to be made up of expertly qualified architects, engineers and planners with selected representatives from each interest group. If we're going to have development, It should ours and it should be great!

Here are some thoughts on ways to reduce negative impact of development on our neighborhoods:

1. All commercial enterprises shall be locally owned and operated. Owner-operated shops and/or offices shall be at street level, residences above with either basements and underground garages or "mews" parking behind buildings. No electric signs. No building shall have more than 3 full stories. Each unit unique to it's purpose. Business hours civilized.

2. PARKING for non-residents: An underground parking lot/garage shall be located at West end of development, beneath a beautifully landscaped park with public facilities and other amenities. Commercial delivery vehicles shall have access on east side of project (36th Street), to the rear of buildings along with limited parking access for special needs. This area shall be fully shielded from 36th street by screening wall and trees. A private, "resident only" street shall encircle the outer parameter of project with parking areas, garages provided at rear of homes and other buildings.

3. "Main Street" shall wind down the center section of the development. be fully landscaped and pedestrian with electric trolly cars circulating up and down tree-lined "Main Street" boulevard, conveying people between Parking Garage/Park and Main Street businesses.

4. The project shall be "green", with highest degree of efficiency in use of energy and space. Each unit shall be of unique design, yet integrated into a master plan. There should be plenty of public space and a few "surprises", like a putting green, a tennis court, a playground.

East side of Main Street: street-level mainly commercial/retail shops, with residences above.
Butcher, Baker, Green Grocer, Cafe, Pharmacy (ONLY!), Cafe, Florist, etc.

West side of Main Street:
mostly street-level professional offices, studios. with residences above.Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Architect, Artist, etc.
The natural tree line and creek shall be retained and maintained in a manner preserving natural bird and other wildlife populations. Back gardens, provide a buffer zone between creek side and buildings.

North end of Main: Tiny Town Hall for meetings and public use and shall be suitable for cultural events and public entertainments.

South end of Main:
Tiny Park with public pavilion and facilities for recreation, a community

If anyone is interested in discussing this, please contact me:

Rea Baldridge: / 524-4560

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